We are partners in life, love, and business...We are soul mates. It is pretty sad actually, if we are apart for any longer 30 minutes there will always be an "I miss you" text from one to the other. It's like we finish each other's sandwiches. We like to think that's what makes us work so well together.



I am Lora, I am FINALLY a 30-something. I feel so legit! I am Mama to two incredibly energetic boys who still ask questions as though I have all the answers...here's to hoping it stays that way forever.  I love coffee, the gym, and Colorado winters! I have 13 other siblings...YES 13!! I love it! I fell in love with photography at the age of 15 and I think I will always be that girl carrying her camera everywhere she goes.



I am Ted, I am a transplant from Kansas...Go Royals! I moved to Colorado for my two loves. Lora and the mountains....yes, in that order. If I am not at the computer I am scheming on the next trout or finding a new brewery...OK, another love...behind the boys and our dog.




We believe that life is an adventure.  It's what brought us together, binds our family, and allows us to grow.



From the time we first met there was a sense that we were kindred spirits. Somehow knew that we were destined to tell each other our own stories as well as make new stories together.



These are the boys....all 4 of them. Cooper, the oldest non-adult boy, loves electronics, Mine-craft and Dr Who. At the age of  9 he knows his career path, he is our web developer in training. Nash is the little guy on top. He loves soccer, baseball, spreading Lego's throughout the house and surprisingly enough...math!  We are not too sure what he will do but we can almost guarantee there will be a few broken bones along the way. Brownie's (the dog) goal in life is to be a real boy. His favorite past-times are sleeping on your legs barking at scary outdoor sounds and basking in the sun. Life is never dull with this band of merry gentlemen.

Denver, Colorado Wedding photographers, Lora and Ted specialize in fun and fresh engagement and wedding photography. Our unobtrusive photography style allows us to capture the genuine wedding moments that would often go unnoticed.  Our goal is to provide you with clean and timeless wedding images that you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether you are in the Denver Colorado area, planning a Rocky Mountain Wedding, or a destination wedding we will be there to celebrate your love and document the most important day of your life.

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